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A photo journal of 
The Garden of Eden
NYC eARThWORK by Artist Adam Purple
Though The Garden of Eden was tragically and purposefully destroyed on 8 January 1986 to make way for a building, we are pleased to present some wonderful photographs of this eARThWORK in progress and in its full glory.  Created out of twice-sifted brick rubble, horse manure bicycled from "Zentral" Park, and potash made on-site, its artist "zenvisioned" it "as ultimately expanding through contiguous area to a 'Great Circle' hemispheric sculpture." The Garden of Eden adorned Manhattan's Lower East Side for more than 11 years.
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Painting of The Garden of Eden  by Patricia Melvin
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work, and the future of huwOMankind 
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 A "New Garden of Eden" Proposed
View and Sign Petition to Create the "New Garden of Eden" at WTC Site
"An Environmental 'Radical Transformation'"
As published in the 1985 Proceedings of the Environmental Design Research Association
"Adam Purple's Last Stand"
By Jesse McKinley
in "The kNew York Times", Sunday, February 22, 1998, "The City," Section 14, 
pages 1 and 10, annotated