"R(apid)evolution Begins at Home"
"(Where You'd Least Expect It)"
by Bell Day (aka Anne Marie Reiss),
Editor, "Inner City Light" L.E.S., NYC
(Vol. 1, No. 2, July-Sept 1979, page 9), Reprinted as p. 36 of "LIFE with les(s) ego"
"The Ugly Amerikans are conditioned to block approval/acceptance of most of their bodily functions.  They are robotized to feel ashamed of nudity, sexuality and shitting.  And, not surprisingly, the more thay attempt to alienate themselves from their animal natures, the more dependent on technology they become...."American revulsion of body functions was first described by D.H. Lawrence in 1929. 'The secret physical repulsion between people is responsible for the perfection of American "Plumbing"...The American townships don't mind hideous litter of tin cans and paper and broken rubbish.  But they go crazy at the sight of human excement.' (from preface to "Bottom Dogs" by Edward Dahlberg) 

"As stated by Abby Rockefeller in her preface to 'End Product--The First Taboo' 'We must create and foster technologies for dealing with "wastes"...Human "wastes" must never be put in water.  The flush toilet must absolutely go.' "There are minimum-technology alternatives to flush toilet plumbing.  What is needed is a complete reversal in the thought processes of most overurbanized 'civilized' individuals. Shame and disgust of body functions will have to be discarded by the Ugly Anerikans who can L.E.A.R.N. (Let's Erase And Reprogram Now) to take plumbingless responsibility for their shit.

"Until such technology is developed to replace the flush toilet and made generally available...the 'night soil' method...can be used.  This method (in which human feces, vegetable scraps, and reclaimed 'sand' from tenement building rubble are composted weekly) requires but 36 [actuALLY NINE*] square feet per person per year of liberated land for restoration-transformation.

"...anyone seriously interested in ecology can make a garden from topsoil created in this manner.

"Not only does this method reduce pollution to zero, but also it beautifies the zenvironment. The political implications of reclaiming and restoring abandoned 'real estate' are far-reaching. "[']The Garden of Eden['], [which used to be] located on north Eldridge Street on New York's Lower East Side in [wO]Manhattan[,] is the most r(apid)evolutionary thing happening anywhere in New York.  Counter-revolutionary persons choose to ignore it, ostrich-like[,] for obvious (as well as not-so-obvious reasons). [Please visit http://www.zentences.com at 'The Garden of Eden' (internaLINKS) for color photos of this eARThWORK before it was vandalized by govERRnME(A)NT in September 1985 and again on 8 January 1986.]

"To gain a clearer knowledge of the 'night  soil' method of topsoil production, I asked John Peter Zenger II (author of 'The Garden of Eden' Vol. 1, No. 1, 'Inner City Light'...) to describe the exact procedure for composting hu[wo[man shit to create topsoil...." [Also see Zenger's "Rubble Reclamation" on pp. 5-8 of the Horticultural Society of New York's regional {s}edition of "Garden" magazine, July-August 1979--reprinted as page 37 of "LIFE with les(s) ego" (archived in the Rare Books Division of the New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, NYC).]

"'It takes Mother Nature 500 years to produce one inch of virgin topsoil,' Zenger said, 'On this scale, ["]The Garden of Eden["] represents 2,000 to 3,000 years of topsoil creation.'

"Zenger is a man with a keen political awareness and a razor-edged 'zence' of humor. I sense in him the Orientalernal  patience of an agr(apid)evolutionary who has for years tried to reveal a profoundly simple truth only to be rebuffed and scorned time[ternity] and time[ternity] again.

"In view of the cesspool which Occidentals glory in making of this hemisphere, perhaps it is time[ternity] his critics stopped laughing and started l.e.a.r.n.ing."

*Behind the home of Rick Ostrander, 6135
Camelback Lane, Columbia, MD 21045 

Garden of Eden